Note: Porting everything to the latest technologies. Some features may be missing or broken as the project is conveted.
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Camper Build Build Series:
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Part List:
List of parts for the build in progress. Still building the camper so this list is incomplete and subject to change.

Current state of the camper build. Not done yet but at least I can start using the camper as a topper since I sold my topper.

Side popup for day use. The plan is to do a full popup for sleeping where the other side pops up as well.

Start of the siding. One of the main reasons for the side popup instead of the front or back popup is because I want to try and have a hardshell (or hybrid soft/hard) instead of a softshell. Front/back popup would be too much material adding to the weight plus room to store the panels in the camper.

Windows open and close plus the entire panel opens and closes to create an awning or emergency exit. They are also designed to be easily removable for different options: Big window, small window, blank with no window, Rotopax, L-Track, 8020 rails, MOLLE Panel, Expanded Steel for security, screen or wire mesh, external cabinet, open with no panel at all and more... Panels can be made from sheet metal, plywood, fiberglass, composite, softtop sides, 8020, composite and others...

The back is just a quick temporary solution (made in 2 hours) for a road trip. The plan is to have the entire back panel removable to open the back of the truck. Camping panel which has a camper door and two windows like what is in the image. Also in the works is a topper panel which will work like the hatch window on most toppers or maybe a barn door panel.