Note: Porting everything to the latest technologies. Some features may be missing or broken as the project is conveted.
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About Us:
BoulderUnderground is a project development company that turns ideas into reality. Taking ideas and placing them in our incubator. We explore a wide range of topics and ideas. There are no limits or restrictions on ideas. The only thing that matters is if the idea is worth pursuing.

Your Input:
Your input matters. Not all projects are actively being worked on. Everything is based on comments, input, and interest levels. The more interest in a project, the more resources it receives. Some projects will have a special section for user input, or you can always use the contact us for your input.

Project Status Levels:
Projects that are viewable are at different stages:
  • Rough Idea: Just that, a rough idea. Ideas are accompanied by notes to help vet the idea to see if it is worth pursuing.
  • Refined Idea: Requirements gathering and building out the idea. This level and beyond may require a user account to access.
  • Prototype: Making it happen by making working prototypes.
  • Beta: Functioning project.
  • Release: Finished project.